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Custom Quilting by The Sewing Attic

Welcome to  The Sewing Attic.  We hope you find lots of things that will keep
you interested in quilting.

We still have some pages that need some work.  We will be updating a lot in
the coming days and weeks to get all the new information out there.

You can direct your questions and comments to me via the Contact Page.

As someone who has always been involved in crafts and enjoyed working with
people, I would have never thought life would have brought me into this
profession. Thinking upon my childhood and family, I see the thin threads that
have woven together to create the fabric of what I am able to offer in the
quilting profession today.

I am located in Temple, Georgia west of Atlanta about 30 miles. I would be
glad to share some time with you and talk about your projects when you are
passing through.


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